Six Amusing Ways To Have Fun in Teams

Six Amusing Ways To Have Fun in Teams

I have always loved the concept of a team — a cohesive unit working towards a goal in which everyone contributes their part in order to make things happen. A “good” team achieves results; but an AWESOME TEAM brings out a unique sense of fun in nailing results. The state of amusement in teams is a vital emotion that creates meaningful journeys towards results and it helps build richer and deeper relationships with the individuals in the team to make these results more impactful. So it is important to create opportunities for the team to experience amusement.

A “good” team achieves results; but an AWESOME TEAM brings out a unique sense of fun in nailing results.

Here are 6 ways to promote fun in teams:

Learn more about the passions of the people in the team! Set aside 10 minutes every week to gather the team and let one person do a powerpoint presentation of one of their passions. You’d be surprised with how each person would present their passions with such conviction and such pride. Not only will you learn more about each person in the team and be inspired with the things they love to do in their free time, you might also pick up a new activity to be passionate about!
Round up the team and celebrate! Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, the hustle to reach targets, and the everyday grind at work, teams might overlook or take for granted the work anniversaries, milestones, and accomplishments of individuals in the group. Whether it would be an person from the team recently closed a big sale or announced that he recently got engaged or it’s someone’s birthday, celebrating it with an out-of-work get-together would surely make each individual appreciated and definitely bring the team closer together. A bonding experience outside of work solidifies work-life harmony and the celebrations for the team create unforgettable memories. And the best part? It doesn’t have to be just dinner or drinks! It can be a fun karaoke night, or a mystery solving activity, or even just a nice moment to have Tea Time in a nearby café.
Laugh it up! Set aside 5 minutes every day when the energy in the office is slumping to give opportunities for anyone in the team to tell a fun joke. It would showcase the wit of the team members and learn more about the types of humor that the team is fond of. This boosts energy up almost instantly, and the jokes would build a fun and amusing team culture!

However, be careful with the humor! If it’s mean spirited, condescending, ill-tasting, or discriminating to a certain kind of people, then it will create tension, rather than unity. Keep the humor appropriate, and it gives your team unmatched togetherness, a definite advantage for your company.

Share your talents and passions! Start some interest clubs in the team such as badminton clubs, cooking or baking clubs, basketball clubs, video game clubs, among many others. As long as there is an interest to try new things, learning with the team and creating fun memories with them is a surefire way to have fun! You could even arrange a Game of Thrones TV Marathon with the team and discuss possible fan theories for the next season!
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the words we use are manifestations of how we view the world. Creating this board of amusement lets each individual write down their accomplishments, milestones, jokes, and even words of encouragement for the team so that when the team morale is low, the board is a reminder of the great things that the team has accomplished and how much greater the things are in the horizon that will be achieved.
Are your team buildings really achieving real team cohesion and results or is it just for a simple relaxation and fun? Instead of participating in usual team buildings and company outings, participate in a team awakening seminar or training that not only provides fun for teams, but also brings out the highest version in each individual and solidifies deep and meaningful relationships in the team.

As the summer season approaches — where many teams go on vacations, travels, and holidays out of town, let us not forget to enjoy the company of the people that we work with and learn to have fun!

We are stuck with the people in the workplace for one-third of our entire lives, so instead of having our energies sucked at work with shallow interaction with the people that we work with, let’s constantly strive to awaken and strengthen a team culture that is worth belonging to; a fun, awesome culture filled with fired up people!

If you want to try team building or team awakening for your department or company, you can inquire about our programs. Experience Awesome now! We’ll definitely create an entirely out-of-the-box method to bring out the highest version of your team!

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