In my training sessions with teams, I always get swamped with questions on what to do and how to behave in the face of impossible outcomes and impenetrable walls.  There seems to always be a dearth of vision, strategy and resources that can massively move their mountains and accelerate performance.  This conundrum bumfuzzles many and I’d like to propose two possible answers to enable even the most audacious outcomes to achieve a farther and faster ending:   

  • A well formed strategy and action plan and;
  • A Fired Up people culture.  

In this article, I’ll dwell on the value of a fired up culture— the high speed magic of our very own Human Energy that when individually combined together in teams, enables a people culture that scales business faster.  As science continues to measure how much more our body can work, we inch ourselves closer to understanding the truth that the ancient sage had long proposed-that the ultimate form of human becoming still rests on the exponential power of our human energy and the fire that is passed on from inside our bodies to the soul of the team.  A tired team is incapable to harnessing its power.  For work to be brilliant, people come first before strategy.  

The ability of an individual to convert the impossible to possible assumes the superposition that human beings are powerful beyond measure and the more we utilize this energy, the more it expands like fire.  I have been fascinated by the capacity of our human body to enable rapid change in this evolutionary eye blink and as I continue to witness business results double and runner ups become champions at the fastest turn around time and even in the middle of extreme market volatility, I am more convinced of the truth behind the stranger part of the unfathomable science of success —  culture over strategy. Emotions will always trump logic.  

In looking for the secret that enables performance to shoot over the roof, I accidentally bumped into NLP while working in Singapore as a trainer.  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a well established body of knowledge and tools that develop human potential and enhance performance.  It is a manual for the brain that includes 3 codes of excellence: Neuro (mindset), Language (communication) and Programming (behavior).  With NLP,  time becomes magical; consciousness and competence merge and ego vanishes in the service of a spirited vision.  Every thought, every word and every behavior leads naturally and gracefully to the next important transaction until a series of these gets rolled into a giant snowball of impact work.  

For me, I think NLP is everything that makes people tick and teams change for the better.  Out of the three codes of excellence, I have been most in awe of the power of the programming brain — the enteric organ (guts) where our 24-karat boldness (courage) becomes converted from mechanical to kinetic energy.   The gut is the most excited organ that makes us see that the improbable, impossible and the invisible are actually progressive.  The force that’s sweeping our scaredy feet off the ground from becoming paralyzed is courage that is neither impulsive nor reckless.   I call the force of courage our FIRE and the people possessing this fire as HUMAN TORCHES.  This extraordinary human fire and the psychology that powers it make us excitedly leap to what our otherwise average potential thinks as impossible and give rise to a litany of highly charged molecular steps:  saying YES to huge unbelievably hairy tasks, engaging with even the most irate customer, collaborating with a teammate who would normally annoy us, high speed hot decision making and walking the extra mile and the last step to close a sale even under the most extreme conditions imaginable.  What has inspired humans to embark positively on danger-fueled activities that threaten their survival is the mastery of their state and the acceptance of bravery, two impressive skills that NLP helps install in our brains and bodies.  

It is the same gut brain that has talked me off the ledge more than once after living and working comfortably in Asia the past 12 years.  I was nudged persistently by an invitation from my inner fire to come back to home and roll out this fired up work in service of expanding the consciousness of corporate Philippines.  For our impossible tasks to turn into possible and for us to break the walls that are stop us from dreaming beyond our present capacity, Filipinos need to install a fierce belief of ‘can be’ before the fire of ‘can do’ lights up.  This courage compelled me to give up my comfort zone and explore the unknown. Hence, after 12 years of life outside the Philippines, I came back home to help build human torches in corporate teams.  

As leaders, our education fails us sometimes because we become paralyzed by our over thinking cerebral brain.  Fire requires that we consult the heart and the gut and when these two organs merge with the head and are powerfully represented, our decisions become both sensible and caring.  To build NLP around culture change work, individuals must fix their own fires first and strengthen their own belief systems, state management skills and consume tons of courage.  


If you want to stoke your inner fire and spread it like wildfire, below are six simple things you may want to begin doing every morning: 


In NLP, an anchor sets up a response pattern so that you can feel the way you want to, when you need to the moment you fire this anchor.  One of the easiest anchors too keep reminding you that your work and the people around you are awesome is a combination of muscles that pull up the corners of your mouth and causes eyes to crinkle.  This movement is called a smile.   

A smile is the Human Torch’s anchor welcome to the day’s awesome happenings. The word SMILE stands for Sweet Memories In Lips Expression. You smile because you want to share your sweet memories.   Smile even when you are going through something sour, because it validates your belief that there is something bigger than you in this universe — God, Jesus, Buddha, the Energy of the Universe, angels, life forces, etc.  

The Human Torch’s Action Step:  Make it an intention everyday to live normal joys and find the joys around tasks that you repeatedly do. Begin with a smile and your own world becomes expansive with your own induced joy as you bring people together in shared spirit of energy giving.  Whatever happens, keep smiling!


The workplace is the Human Torch’s awesome universe whereby which he declares that his presence is nothing short of value adding and energy giving.   The Human Torch holds both ends of the work spectrum (the light and the shadow aspects) and acknowledges that there maybe bad things that can happen during the day, but he is prepared to give more attention to the positive fire he carries in his body and soul.  

The Human Torch has a positive affirmation that he says to himself over and over again. That’s his word to himself and his word to others.  Mine goes something like this- “I am awesome, I do awesome and my universe is awesome too. I give my all out, it’s going to be a miraculous day and I am making an impact.”  I would say my mantra over and over. The most I did in a day was around 258 times.    

The Human Torch’s Action Step:  You can  are only as positive as the words you use.  Say a personal mantra everyday to open up your cosmic beauty.  Then come together in a huddle with your team and chant your team mantra to make your cosmic universe expand. 


The Human Torch starts his day with as much NLP as he can, especially since the world is bifurcated as black or white, good or evil, positive or negative.  This dual world exists in his core being.   He is a dual citizen living in a body of polarities- he has both good and bad jujus circulating with his blood and filling up his organs.  While he wants to be the strong fire all the time, he sometimes falter. 

I’ve seen the worst badass leader turn to butter when interacting with children of their employees during family day.  How do you make sense of the brightest minds in your team behaving recklessly at a moment’s jolt of impulse?  Or the most positive guy in your department suddenly becoming infected with negative self talk?  We are constantly balancing on the high wire called life.  

For me, the superposition of a fired up Human Torch is power in both thoughts and action.  This requires both  awareness and competence.  As for me, I begin my day’s awareness program by unwrapping my mind off my bad jujus and asking them to release me from their bondage. Without the intention to discombobulate, I inadvertently get sucked in an intense vortex of negativity.  I do this by asking a burning question everyday, “What is my most awesome possible outcome as a result of committing my body and my soul at work and how can I make this my story my compelling truth at the end of my day’s awesome work?’

My answer to the question becomes my roadmap for the day.  I endeavor to make this my positive meme that perpetuates my entire being. I thank my bad energies or my negative thought viruses for they have served to protect me in the past.  Then, I bid them goodbye.  

The Human Torch’s Action Step: Action is important to the Human Torch.  Begin your day of action by asking a burning question the answer of which enables you to design an awesome day.  Constantly set it as part of your intention to bless people around you with good jujus so your entire support network is positive.  


The Human Torch begins his day of exercise by getting his mind active with visualization, beginning with prayer and meditation. Human Torch creates a super strong image of his outcome and energizes it by adding sound, taste, feelings and smell to it.  In NLP, we call this activating your submodalities or the properties of your thoughts so that both your conscious and unconscious minds are getting super excited about the possible outcome.  

After the exercise of the head brain, The Human Torch begins his regimen of physical exercises by first communicating with his parts.  We call this Parts Integration at NLP.  Here, the Torch talks positively with the different parts of his body: head, heart, gut, feet, muscles, blood, immune system, and all the other parts of the body that need to be actively involved in making his day successful.  

The Human Torch’s Action Step: Do daily meditation and a round of physical exercises. Choose which exercise regimen works for you and engage those gut muscles that enable you to accept your bravery and activate your movement forward. 


The Human Torch immerses his day with reading as much as he can so he ends his day becoming more intelligent.  Personally, I know I am limited by my own consciousness, so I endeavor to expand my awareness by reading.  I only have a few hours at work, so I read quickly and aim realistically—around 10 pages in my kindle to read every morning.  In my morning road trip to the office, I also watch a few ted talks that uplift me and provide me with new inroads to make a learning leap for the day.  

The Human Torch’s Action Step: Read. read. read. 


The Human Torch knows his emotions and writes it down.  He has a diary of his innermost feelings -the sad and scary thoughts his mind is consumed with that needed to be validated. A superhuman torch first needs to understand his humanity before he can unleash the full power of his own fire.  

Personally, journaling made me feel both vulnerable and strong. Ever since I was a little girl, I trained myself to journal.  Even now as I work as a coach, I continue to write down my worried feelings.  Journalling is a process of marking out my intentions and feelings in the wrinkles of my brain as part of making my day more intentional.  Without journalling, my day becomes an accident and I end up infecting people with my own negative viruses and dumping my garbage on them.  

The Human Torch’s Action Step:  Keep any type of journal that helps you: a Gratitude Journal, a Diary of your scaredy feelings and stories of awesome people who light up your life

THE 48-HOUR RULE states that whatever change you want to pursue, you must begin it within 48 hours.  Hence, we need to gut it out, and move from head and heart to the feet and take steps toward making it happen.  Our feet have got to tell our brain, “I mean business!” Action finishes the intention and human beings are always seeking for completion. In your fired up journey towards building a Human Torch team that drives breakthrough results, I wish you the speed of the universe.  Fire Up and Glide High.  

Things to remember:

a. Ask yourself what do you need to do to get your passion flowing? What are the steps that you need to take to enable you to be your most awesome self?

b. Build on yourself. Take classes to better yourself if you have to. The harder the road, the tougher and the brighter your torch will be.

c. Cultivate yourself. Before we can teach others, we need to plant new techniques and new learnings for us to grow and pass that Torch.

All fired up and nowhere to go? We can get your team ready.  If you want to take a deeper dive at firing up your team so they can perform at peak, please feel free to email us at

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO RAISE THE HUMAN TORCH AT WORK? (Discovering the Code the Lead to Human Performance)

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