Amp Up Your Roar

Speaking in front of a crowd has never been easy, especially if you’re just starting to build yourself as a speaker. One of the lessons that stuck with me from high school English was to picture your audience naked. That way, you will not be nervous. 

I’ll share with you the three C’s to fire up your roar without having to picture your audience naked.


This is the phase for Ideas. Your head brain is the pilot here. This phase is heavy on research. After all, It’s better to come prepared than be sorry. When you do your research, ask yourself these questions:

What is the purpose of the talk? What will my content be? What trends, concepts or relevant issues can I incorporate or tackle in my presentation to make it more relatable and fresh? What can I add to make my presentation unforgettable? What message am I trying to leave them? What ice breakers can we play if I lose their attention?

What’s my audience like? What is their demographic? Are they a group of 30 year olds? How many are they? Are they all female? Are they from a giant company? 

After you get all of these information, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of creating your presentation. Fascinate your audience by showing them that you are the expert of what you are talking about. Brainstorm and research.


This is the Inspiration phase. Your second brain, the heart brain, takes the wheel on  this one. This phase is high on the emotional work. 

After you captivate their minds with lessons, it’s time to captivate their hearts. Know their pain points and know what tickles their funny bone, too. Know what hurts then heal it. Tug their heartstrings. Share some humor. Share stories and have them play some ice breakers that will move not only their bodies but their spirits as well. Ask for their insights after doing the activity. Give them a renewed appreciation of the things that they take for granted or overlook every day. Draw them a picture of all things bright and beautiful. Awaken optimism in them. Make them see the beauty in everything, even in the simplest and most ordinary.

Move them to tears, make them laugh, and empower them at the same time.


Now we go to the final stop which is Courage. Courage is powered by your third brain or the gut brain. This is the Intention phase. Your gut brain is responsible for the actions you take. It is the forward-charging brain that relays energy to your soles, for you to execute your strategy on how to deliver your message with passion and prestige.

Stand straight. Not too stiff. Move around. Explore your audience. When you speak, use words that will evoke strong emotions from your audience. Think of the tone of your voice, too.  Even the pitch, the depth, the raspiness, the loudness of your voice, and the pregnant pause. Use some hand gestures. Connect with your audience by calling them to answer questions. Energize them and their cheers will energize you, too. Have stage presence by activating your limitless sensing and observing your environment. Be sensitive enough to know if they are bored or sleepy then do pattern interrupts to energize them. Deliver your strong message with powerful conviction. 

Before you take the limelight, make sure your three brains are aligned. Creativity, Compassion, and Courage are the success factors that will amplify your roar from Awe-kward to Awe-full.

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