Everything is about communication. Discover your Zone of Fascination by communicating with MUCHNESS: The really sparkling and inspiring ingredients that make people listen to you and buy what you are saying. There are 7 unseen and inexplicable ingredients that make you influential and compelling. You had them when you were young but Competition, Commoditization and Distraction stole them from you. It’s time to reclaim your magic, stand out and fascinate as a leader.

When you communicate, you either add value or take up space. Find out what your personality’s distinct primary advantage is and use that difference to contribute your highest value to the team so that you are not taking up unnecessary space in the communication sphere. Think of it as your natural superpower. When you communicate using this Advantage, you earn more attention, and more revenue.
To front load your value so that you are contributing significantly to a goal or mission, you have to make the most accurate and authentic first impression. Otherwise, you are just taking up space. You do this by becoming more of who you are. The secret to nailing it in the first few seconds of interaction and sustaining the fire is a trigger, a deeply rooted means of arousing intense focus. Humans fascinate using at least 2 of the following 7 communication Triggers: Trust, Passion, Innovation, Prestige, Alert, Mystique and Power.


Discover your highest value and learn how the world sees you – at your best!

You can now measure exactly how your personality adds unique value to the team. This is different from Myers-Briggs® or StrengthsFinder because it doesn’t measure how you see the world…but how the world sees you.

How to Fascinate® is the first science-based personality brand system for those who want to stand out, be remembered, and add more value. You can now take full advantage of the insights from Fascination Advantage® assessment and explore real life situations and ways to use these tools to create better results in the workplace

When an individual is communicating at his most natural and authentic triggers, his message is becoming fascinating and he is leaving people utterly spellbound.

Knowing your personal branding helps you perform at your highest version in your team

Different is better than best – Cherry Africa

Nail It in 9 Seconds workshop

Human beings have been reduced to a 9-second attention span — equivalent to the attention span of a goldfish. When you fascinate others in those 9 seconds, they’re more likely to remember you, buy from you and rave about you. In a competitive market, the most fascinating message always wins. In this comprehensive workshop packed with stories and examples, you will learn How the World Sees you and How you can use this communication trigger to enable your highest result.

  • 01

    Close sales or nail down presentations in the first 9 seconds so that your listeners are eager to get more.

  • 02

    Discover your highest value and learn how the world sees you — at your best

  • 03

    Gain a basic knowledge of the Fascinate Advantage System so that you can apply your Advantages at work and learn to communicate at your best.

  • 04

    Leverage your personality Advantages for a more compelling communication.

Our Fascinate Advantage Workshop and Profiling Assessment Have Gained Media Wide Attention

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But, make no mistake, today’s generation is actually witnessing the mania around one rock star like no other — Pope Francis.

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But is the Pope truly a rock star?

“He comes across as genuine in dealing with people. He is not afraid to be himself and he is relevant he knows how to use his personality to leverage to the modern times,” Africa pointed out.

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Africa said, “I think Pope Francis is more of people’s champion, which is a combination of passion and power.

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Pope of Surprises

“The Pope communicates with passion. He goes beyond and transcends dogma and communicates in a way that people respond to best which is through emotions,” Africa added.

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