We believe that human beings are the perfect arrangement of atoms and as such capable of releasing human potentials far greater than the mind can understand and imagine.

We have worked with leaders from technical levels to motivators and inspirers and even up to amplifiers and have enabled massive spaces of possibilities to happen for them. Teams have also experienced a fired up change in cultures, skills set and mindset and are launched into their highest capabilities.

All of these happenings are captured in the stories shared to us by these fire up people.

Joel Carranto

Community Distribution Head, Maybank Philippines

“The Community Distribution group, really valued the training that we received from Cherry Africa and World Stage. In fact, branches have actually excelled in deposit taking which are the core KPI and competency of my group. The industry average is doing 13% and my team actually did 16%. I think a portion of that is attributable from the training that was given by Coach Cherry and her team. For that I would like to thank Cherry for adding value. I saw the World Stage banner outside a while ago, “Do you want to add value or ROI to your team?” and you did just that. Maraming salamat! On behalf of my teammates, we are really very happy and hopefully we have more trainings coming from you. Mabuhay ka, World Stage!”

Sonny Cualteros

President & CEO, Sterling Group

“This is one of the most practical and useful seminars that I attended. The facilitators really inspired us. Highly recommended to other aspiring executives.

Kevin Savinas

IT Audit and Services Officer, Sterling Group

“Every time that I attend a training/seminar with World Stage International, I learn a lot of things that create a better version of me.”

Gene Borromeo

VP HR Legal GAD, Sterling Group

“The workshop is transcendental. It provided our people confidence required to deliver a job. It brought everyone together and ignited the fire in each one of us that has been there for a long time.”

Francis Miranda

Chief Operating Office Tagline Communications

Former Managing Director Publicis Dialogue Malaysia

“I recently turned 40 years old and quite honestly I felt that my life had plateaued. I had recently retired from a prosperous but stressful advertising career and was wondering what’s next. Truth be told there were so much dreams that I wanted to accomplish. So much adventures I wanted to take but I had all these self-limiting thoughts that held me back. Until I attended the Ignite the Fire in You Seminar. To say it was life-changing is selling it short. IFY helped me rediscover my inner fire once more. It made me decide to be deliberate with my life and plot out a life of adventure. So this 2017 I decided to ditch fear behind and pursue my dream of being a speaker and a world traveler and true enough, when you discover that you can walk on fire, you realize you have the power to do almost anything! The blessings and opportunities to speak and to travel have constantly flooded by life after this seminar. If you’re clear about what you want and have the will power to overcome it you can achieve great things. Thank you Coach Cherry and to all the wonderful coaches of World Stage for unlocking the power inside of me!

Ronald Agoncillo

VP Sales, TMG, & Demand Planning, Century Pacific Food, Inc.

“I think the added value of the Fascinate Program is not only for individuals to discover how he or she can become the best version of himself or herself but also how a team can be stronger & be at their “peak state”.

Arlene Aguilar- Librella

Project Manager, Century Pacific Food, Inc.

“Cherry is awesome! I have never heard of, or seen or attended a workshop that focuses on people transformation here in the Philippines where it makes use of unique and yet very enlightening tools like fire walking. Her passion is just viral, you can embody her thoughts!”

Diana Dy-Lim

Manager , Our Home, SM Group of Companies

“The first time I attended one of Cherry’s trainings, I left the room recharged and craving for more. A powerful speaker and trainer. Everything Cherry says comes from the heart. Her passion to excel shows in the way she motivates her audience. Definitely a class on her own.”

Emalynne Ramos

Sales and Marketing Manager, Pycor

“Wow, Coach Cherry and World Stage team for a fired up training! You lit my bonfire heart. I will grind to inspire others with what I do best, just as you have all inspired me. I will strive to make my contributions burn. You did an awesome job in filling us with energy, power and fire. Thank you for igniting us with pure awesomeness. Every waking moment now is an opportunity to thank God that we are alive– that each day is a chance to experience, celebrate and conquer life and work!”

Edwin Raymond Chua Africa

VP & GM, Snow Mountain Dairy Corporation
Former GM, Pepsico International (Singapore/Malaysia)

“Definitely one of the most impactful programs that my team has attended. Cherry is the ultimate fascinator. Her program combines concepts and real life experiences. Cherry’s team helped us understand what makes for high performance. She has developed unconventional ways of learning, like fire walking & glass walking. Cherry’s passion is infectious. She customises her programs to our needs. She has the gift to engage people and punches under her participants’ skins so that the root issues are tackled.”

Ahlmar Cervantes

Entreprenuer/ President PFPMOA

“The Fire Up Your Goals workshop has inspired me to be better in my business. My biggest awakening was thinking about my foolish goals. Right after the workshop, I set a foolish goal for my business. I realised that being content with what I have achieved is my biggest impediment to greatness. I walked on a 50-pound of shattered glass — I think I was one of the first to walk and it inspired the people around me to take courage. The activity represented so many things in my life right now.”

Erwin Innocencio

Business Development Manager, Pycor

“World Stage has transformed me into a more effective sales manager. They helped me better understand the importance of combining verbal and non-verbal behaviors. These, together with other essential techniques, helped me thrive even in a cut-throat environment. The result is exponential!”

Joyce Tamaray

Senior Manager, ACM Land Holdings, Inc.

“Should there be a ranking on the best speaker during the HR Congress held last week (August 19 2016), I would really put Cherry Pua-Africa in my number 1 list. And with her inspiring topic and the way she communicated the agenda, I’ve been wanting to invite her in our organization soon.”.

Rogelio Bay-an

Executive Financial Adviser, AXA Philippines

You only Breakthrough once!!!…and when you do there are three things you change. Your STORY… STRATEGY… STATE!!!

Function on your HIGHEST level
Iterate with EXTREME force
Re-ignite with a CHANGE in mind set
Energize with NON STOP fire!!!

The most POWERFUL force on earth US THE HUMAN spirit on FIRE!!!

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Gena Frianeza Llamanzares

Head of Early Years Oakridge International School

“Long before I met Cherry, I was already enthralled by the brilliance of her work. I was a pre-school teacher when I was exposed to her body of work. Working with Cherry broadened my knowledge tenfold and I have garnered precious experience points that will enhance my capabilities as an educator, a speaker, and as a person. Cherry brims with ideas and has no shortage of passion or energy to see them come to fruition. She is a magnetic speaker, a creative mind, a passionate educator, an effective people manager, and a kind-hearted person. I consider her my mentor, and if I achieve just HALF of her accomplishments, I’d be set for life.”

Ginbee Go

Senior Vice President, Retail Loans Business at Bank of the Philippine Islands

“I recognise the need to nurture my kids’ social development beyond academics. Like other parents, I have signed them up in sports and the arts to unlock their full potential. What attracted me to the Ignite Your Fire camp is how it directly addresses a child’s inner beliefs that limit what they can achieve and reflect how they behave, how it makes use of unconventional ways such as neurolinguistic programming and board breaking to do so, and how it sustains a child’s transformation through its quarterly coaching sessions. I’m glad I enrolled my kids as participants in the 2015 camp. This 2016, they became junior counsellors. In both camps, my kids had emerged more confident, more independent, more disciplined, more responsible, more caring, more sensitive and more self-aware. Thanks WorldStage for igniting the fire in them! ”

Jennina Tongol

Bulucan State University

“My firewalking experience was truly a game changer for me. Today, I still remember how the Admin Council echoed Fired up! Ready to go! I still say that to myself every morning when I look in the mirror. The Research Office has earned its share of grants, accolades and favors from outside agencies. It is a team effort. Each day that I talk to my team I want them to feel BLUEST fire of passion from me. The calming, soothing fire that sustains the hearts of acheivers and go-getters is truly the fire that never dies! Thank you World Stage. You are the transformational team that changed my work life.”

Nerissa Escolar

Rentokil Initial

“Superb! We had fun while learning. I got a better understanding of myself as well as my colleagues’ so we can improve on our communication toward one goal.”

Dulce Atian

University President, Camarines Sur Polytechnic College

“Hi Coach Cherry, I am awed by the vibrancy of your team. You emit a flaming fire that propelled my staff to reach out for more… Truly grateful.”

Maura Rosario Crisologo

Century Pacific Food, Inc.

“Excellent way to get to know oneself together with the team!”

Roxanne Marquez

Rentokil Initial Philippines

“Feeling proud and blessed to say that I have a WORK WORTH DOING in an organisation with CULTURES WORTH BELONGING and LEADERS WORTH FOLLOWING!
So grateful to be part of RIPH Family and be able to attend such incredibly amplifying workshop with the best coaches. Felt like I had the best 2 days of my life yet. Long way to go. Fire up! Ready to go!”

Danica Ana Pedenes

Rentokil Initial Philippines

“Words can’t express how grateful I am to be part of this wonderful experience. Being a part of Rentokil Initial family I feel the love and I feel blessed to have them in my life. This awesome and amazing workshop is fun learning experience. And I love how we all overcome our fears. Despite my body is tired, my mind and my heart says that it’s all worth it! I’m lucky that I have WORK WORTH DOING. I’m more inspired, I’m fired up! Looking forward to this wonderful journey. Coach Cherry and Worldstage family thank you for your amplifying experience. To my #RIPH family even we’re divided per color er really work as a TEAM! Thank you to our beloved SMT’s and my colleagues looking forward for more years working with you!”

Len Chua

AXA Philippines

“Burn the fire in you… AXA MDRT Congress!!! Congratulations to Al
#Proudtobeaxa #Loveaxafamily #Lovemycompanyl”