Pushing the Extra to Achieve Your F.O.O.l.ish Goals

Stuck… stale… spiritless. This is what an organization becomes when it loses its mojo. The moment your customers interact with your organization, they will instantly judge if it is an authentic experience or if it is a disjointed encounter that is not consistent with your vision and mission. That is why you need a solid vision, mission, values, and goals embodiment that are lived, shown and shared by everyone in your team. Goal setting is a prerequisite to success in business. NLP enables you to unleash effective models in setting goals. It enables you to go beyond mere “goal setting” into the actual “programming” of your minds to drive your highest goals. Leveraging on how the brain works, the NLP goal setting model makes your goal sensory specific. We make absolutely sure that you language yourselves in a way that drives your neurology and physiology towards obtaining your biggest goal.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the The NLP Goal Setting Model or the Well-Formed Outcome Model that provides a framework to help you think more about moving from a present state to a desired state – your goal or outcome.
  • Spark the Submodalities of your VMOS: Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategies using the F.O.O.L.ISH approach to Goal Setting and demolish the SMART approach that makes you operate on a culture of smallness. Instantly shift to the Big Channel!
  • Achieve Unconscious and Conscious Brain Congruence to Achieve Powerful Goal Setting & ignite your unconscious mind’s compelling goal seeking adventures.
  • Enable your team to embody your vision, mission, values and brand character so that you are all operating as one fascinating system, energised by individual differences.
  • Hulk up energy around your goal setting processes and rockstar your goal using the The NLP Way of Inserting Goals to Your Time Line.
  • Unleash the 3 steps to empowering your goals: Mine your Motivator, Commit Emotionally and Become the Chief Breakthrough Officer who is enabling the spirit of your goal.
  • Learn to be bold and fearless in defining success using your own terms so that you are standing out in an industry defined by commoditisation, competition and distraction.
  • Learn empowering and juicy language that energizes your goals, using sensory specific and targeted language which drives your neurophysiology towards obtaining your goal or outcome in a compelling way.
  • Embrace the 3 Steps to Your VMOS Journey: A-ha, Wow & Yipee.
  • Live your fired-up goals everyday, embedding your goals into your psyche and body everyday and in every way.

From a Participant’s Perspective

“Cherry is an awesome resource in NLP. She is bursting with energy and passion. She has shared tools that fired up my team.”