Killer Sales Instincts

Thousands of the world’s most successful sales closers are actively using the power of the unconscious to smash through their targets! Fire Up Your Sales is a program that trains you on how to generate instant trust and rapport with your clients. On a subconscious level, there are certain patterns that people follow because the unconscious mind has designed and placed them to protect us. Once you recognise these pre-programmed routines in your clients, colleagues and customers, you can use them to your advantage and close that sale. If you are serious about reaching your highest sales goals, you need to start selling to the subconscious. NLP Fires Up Your Unfair & Distinct Advantages So Your Customers are Naked to Persuasion & More Vulnerable to YES!

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What You Will Learn:

  • Unleash the power of NLP tools that create an unfair advantage, be hypnotically fascinating as a salesman so that your customers are saying YES most of the time.
  • Learn how to quickly establish deep rooted rapport and trust, how to have a person’s subconscious sell your message even when you are not there and even induce amnesia about competitor’s products.
  • Become familiar with the need to develop sensory acuity for sales and learn how to distinguish visual, auditory or kinaesthetic (VAK) triggers in order to personalize each sales calls.
  • Close sales faster through rapport building (matching & mirroring), pattern interrupt, anchoring, pacing (buy now! buy now!), mental judo and magical repetition, making it impossible for your prospects to disagree.
  • Handle objections with ease and confidence.
  • Fire the right questions (close-ended, open-ended, leading & rhetorical) based on the circumstances presented.
  • Learn to sell your strongest benefits and how to subliminally hide these in your conversations.
  • Install anchors to create powerful winning moments.
  • Sell your products/services at a higher price.
  • Fire up your unconscious genie so you produce magical results.

  • Key Topics and Power House Activities

    The Sales Roar: Selling Myself to Myself
    NLP Codes of Sales Awesomeness
    How to Have Rockstar Influence
    TIGER Sales Cycle: Sales Cycle Evolved!
    How to Develop Instant Rapport
    Matching and Mirroring
    How to Be Awesome at Small Talks and Banters
    The Most Awesome Questioning Techniques
    Pattern Interrupt and Handling Objections
    Anchoring Confidence
    Accessing your Energy Centers to Inspire Empowered Beliefs
    Linguistic Structures in Selling Spiels
    The Road to Unconscious Selling Competence