The Ultimate Breakthrough Journey

Ignite the Fire in You is a powerful experiential 3-day program that is designed to empower you with mental abilities , communication tools and transformational habits and techniques to deal with your past, conquer your present with massive results and create a compelling future.

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What You will Get Out of ‘Ignite the Fire’:

  • Master yourself & your past & present maps so you can write your most compelling future
  • Understand the 3 elements that drive your biggest breakthough and enable them NOW
  • Learn to avoid falling into the trap of the 7 success extinguishers
  • Walk on a bed of 1,000° hot coals and fire up your life/work
  • Expand your goals so that they are F.O.O.L.ish enough to drive your highest results at work and in your relationships
  • Enable your unconscious mind so that state control, resourceful metamodels, empowering beliefs and unconscious use of language become autopilot
  • Discover your deepest passion at work and in life so that you are performing at your highest version
  • Discover what makes your fire start and how you can sustain the momentum moving forward
  • Learn how to utilise the techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), also known as your Natural Limitless Power so that you always energetic, vibrant, passionate, confident and fired up at work and in life
  • Learn how to communicate to your team members, partners and clients at your most resourceful state so that you are enabling the highest connection at all times
  • Become part of a Mastermind FIRE Community that helps you become powerful everyday, in every way

“It takes 1 firewalk to undo a lifetime of I Can’ts!”
-Cherry Africa

Who Should Attend:

Whether you are running your own business or part of a company’s Human Resources Department, you are going to transform your business, work and life to a new level:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs / Directors, Managers & Staff / Sales People who are looking to create more wealth / Corporate Trainers or Human Resources Trainers / Parents & Students


  • Day 1: Break Free

    3 ways to achieve your highest breakthrough
    Energy is Power: Me and My Infinite Potentiality
    State Change: First Breakthrough
    Neuro Linguistic Programming: My Natural Limitless Power
    Unconscious Mind: My Genie in the Bottle
    Submodality: Power Properties of Thoughts and the Codes that Produce Excellence
    Fire Starters: MBraining and My Circle of Fire
    My Map: Second Breakthrough
    How Thick is My Wall
    The Board Break

  • Day 2: BreakThrough

    Measuring My State
    Muscle test strength: Mind and Body are One System
    Brain Yoga: Embedding The Circle of Fire to my Unconscious
    My Empowering New Belief: My Map that will drive my compelling vision
    Perceptual Position: The 3 Anchor Spaces that Expand my Map
    Life is Beautiful: anchoring the two highest and purest states of success
    Anchoring: Embedding Power to my Body
    My Fears: The Enemy that’s stopping me from achieving my highest version
    Courage: My 3rd Fire
    The Fires in my life
    Firewalking: Last Step, First Step

  • Day 3: Forward March

    Submodality Up! Circle of Fire
    My Strategies: My 3rd Breakthrough
    My Circle of Fire is Igniting
    Exterminating the Energy Vampires in my Life
    Linguistic Patterns of Success: The Language of Excellence
    Yes And: what leaders can learn from theatre improvisation
    The Disney Chairs: Twinkle, Perspiration and Pruning
    Fire Extinguishers: The 3 Cs to watch out for
    Fire Power: The 3Cs that wIll Keep your Fire Burning
    Community: The 4th Power
    The Best is Yet to Come

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is a reinvention technology that enables you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviours, as you desire in a BIG way. It gives you the ability to choose your highest mental, emotional, and physical states so that your head, heart and gut brains are all working in synergy to meet your goals.

Breakthrough Coaching Using NLP

With NLP, you will become a master at creating the future that you desire. It’s the same technology used by Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Anthony Robbins, JK Rowling, Tony Blair, Bill Gates, (and hundred thousands of others) to achieve consistent results most of us can only dream of.

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Ignite the Fire in You for Professionals
(Dec 8-10, 2016)

This is the ultimate breakthrough journey so you can get the highest out of life and at work and become an even bigger force for awesome!

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From a Participant’s Perspective

“Cherry is awesome! I have never heard of, or seen or attended a workshop that focuses on people transformation here in the Philippines where it makes use of unique and yet very enlightening tools like fire walking. Her passion is just viral, you can embody her thoughts!”