A fun 2-day leadership workshop for students aged 7-18 who already have a leadership position and those aspiring to be in the future.

A lot of times though, young people hesitate to step up and lead. Not because their ideas are not brilliant, but because there is a preconceived notion of what a leader should be like. A leader is stereotyped to be vocal, extroverted, and popular and sometimes this stops the child from even trying. On the other hand, there’s always a step up for extroverted leaders to hulk up their leadership potential.

In the Youth Empowerment Seminar, we celebrate how each and everyone has a unique advantage that makes him or her a fascinating leader—somebody who is compelling, interesting, and confident. This advantage (whether it’s innovation, passion, mystique, power, alert, trust, or prestige) naturally comes out and this is precisely how you best contribute, influence, and lead.

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They will get to:

  • Nail their brilliance using their natural strengths as leverage!
  • Find out why they shouldn’t be focusing on their weaknesses and how they can energize your differences instead!
  • Build their confidence so that they are saying Yes to school challenges (even life!)
  • Learn the mechanics of public speaking and how they can move their communication from left brain (analytical) to right brain (emotional) so that they are nailing your message well.
  • Enjoy the adventure of speakership which will help them recite better and have a crisper pitch and presentation

With a mix of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Fascinate Advantage concepts as the program backbone, this is like an MBA for the youth, preparing them to achieve more in school and in life. But don’t worry, through strategic activities and games, the kids will laugh, joke, and enjoy while learning. Far, far, far, from what the classroom setting the kids are used to.

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