Big Stage Club


The same way our students have gone on a one-year journey in Big Stage Club discovering more about themselves and their skills, the four plays of the showcase are about different discoveries. We believe that in Big Stage, all discoveries must be celebrated—whether it is knowing the true story behind a children’s game or finding out how you can be a ninja. This is because no discovery can be made without challenging yourself and going out of your comfort zone. It’s not about how great the end result is, it’s about trusting the process of discovery. To our sweet students, may you continue to venture and discover more on your own!

  • ROCK, SWORD, FIRECRACKER “You want to know the true story of Rock Paper Scissors? First, you must say, ‘Yes, Master’!”

    Margarita Choudhary as Master
    Akemi Suzuki as Player
    Amandua Chua as Player
    Rian Yupitun as Player and The Rock
    Matilde Dias as Player and Samurai 1
    Ashera Garcia as Player and Samurai 2
    Alexa Estacion as Player and Magician

  • PAIN SCALE A doctor demonstrates the medical pain scale...What could possibly go wrong?

    Nala Racaza as Doctor Curly Moe
    Adi Zubiri as Jenny
    Diya Manoj as Lara

  • SILENT BUT DEADLY Do you have what it takes to be a ninja?

    Bella Evangelista as Master
    Tami Ikeda as JJ
    Cali Singson as Silent But Deadly

  • MONSTER SURVIVAL SKILLS DURING A GREMLIN ATTACK Zombies? Werewolves? Vampires?—We know how to defeat them!But... what are gremlins?

    Daniella Plotnikov as Ali
    Helaina Romano as Paula
    Mia Ty as Therese