You’re simply like the rest if you are not better than the best

We are the only teambuilding and learning and development company that drives sustainable growth through people

We are fire starters, passing our fire to the world since 2012

Our fire is “always on!”

Our energy never dies 24/7, 365

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Our solutions are never shallow and temporary.
We don’t do cookie-cutter programs because we believe that people are unique
and problems are company-specific.

Build Your Best Team Ever

Our solutions include various team building interventions throughout the development cycle of a team, from its forming, norming, storming and performing stages. We have a complete package that includes simple Team Bonding Exercises aimed at getting to know each person in the team on a deeper level; to Team Strengthening Sessions that build your resilience and agility in the face of crisis; up to Team Awakening Retreats that forge deep trust, collaboration and wisdom as the team focuses on disrupting the future and making history.

Train Your Talent

Our groundbreaking workshops focus on building key competencies for people to become the best talent in the team. These courses are aimed at building the best mindsets, and soft skills necessary for people to consistently excel at work and contribute to breakthrough results. We have the most brilliant combination of faculty and teaching formats to ensure that your learning is fired up and you are ready to grow.

Fire Up Your People

Being best requires that you have sustained energy and consistent motivation to fuel your journey. We have developed the most inspiring Shock & Awe™ approach that can extinguish your unwanted emotions and transmute your new found courage into action. Get fired up by our keynote speakers during your rallies and events or hire us to motivate your sales and leaderships teams so that they are always moving in the right direction fastest and strongest.


“We engaged with World Stage International for a management cultural workshop. The Fired Up, Ready To Go session is a non-traditional kind of workshop where it energized and powered up my team. Walking through fire and glass and breaking boards, we saw what each one of us was capable of and how was one team we can do more. Thank you to Coach Cherry and her awesome World Stage International Team. May you continue keeping the world fired up and ready to go.”

Jen Que Vice President

51 Talk Philippines

“As always, World Stage has outdone itself. themselves. Working in HR, we've facilitated countless number of trainings and nothing beats the energy the World Stage workshop gives. Your energy reached us even if were miles apart. I am inspired to help others shake off the negative energy. I know it should start with me and after the session, I think I got the push I needed to shake them off.”

Irish Kalalang Human Resources

Century Pacific Food Inc.

"This is searing impact - if you are looking for a spark that wil inflame your being and the possibilities inside you this is it! World Stage sets this attitude on fire, literally! We got this one chance to ""burn down the big obstacles in our mind so that on a blazing magic carpet, the soul finds its way anew."

Agnes Mariakaki General Manager

MindSearch Greece

“It’s a really good experience of sharing, love, fun, and learning. Cherry’s stories were extremely inspiring. Her team is driven by heart. They are dedicated to ther mission because it shines through. I really loved their session - the gift that was shared to us and the way they deliver their message was just awe-inspiring.”

Kim Parker Director

Conscious Choice United Kingdom

"The awesome thing about this workshop is that there’s a lot of focus on sustaining change. The techniques and processes of World Stage opened the door to unlimited A-HA and that's what I love about this series of people intervention programs."

Hans Sy, Jr. President

SM EDD Corporation

“Everyone of us can be great, everyone of us can be awesome, but sometimes it’s those limiting beliefs which keep us from being great, being awesome. And the exercises from this team building activity allowed us to confront our inner demons so that we can move forward and be great to the best that we can be.”

Will Nicolasora VP of Domestic Sales

Century Pacific Food, Inc.

“It was every inch awesome! You’re my first Zoom conference which is so engaging. I had to drop attempts to multi-task. You can’t help but tune in, focus, learn and genuinely enjoy every moment.”

Dexter Lloyd Cuajotor VP & Division Head

Bank of the Philippine Islands

“It’s because of the Neuro Linguistic approach that made the intervention so powerful. Up until now, a year after, the impact is still strong and sustained. I am more energized each day to bring out the best of everyone, including our clients and leaders. We were able to upgrade our products and services. We collected faster and better. Our efficiency went up to 97. A year after the intervention, we compared our results and we saw favorable changes in our production."

Lina Casa Vice President



Our Shock & Awe™ approach drives heartbeat and sustainable transformation because we understand people at work and leave no elephants in the room without voices. Our huge impact has been covered by various media outlets for the contribution that we have done in helping best people become better.

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Explore the journey to become a Fired Up Leader and Coach and create the Best Team as celebrity couple Julius Babao and Christine Bersola-Babao interview our CEO Cherry Africa.
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Discover what it takes to be a benevolent and brilliant leader
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World Stage Energineers talks about how we build the best team ever
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Cherry talks about Neuro-Linguistic Programming at ANC
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Discover the breakthrough tools that change mindsets in a heartbeat

Our Magic

Our instant breakthrough and sustainable change technology is anchored in our unique Shock & Awe™ System that changes the head, heart and gut rapidly so people can focus more on their work outputs, without worrying about fears and doubts.

Our Shock and Awe Magic is driven by 4 key pillars:


Fusion of 3 powerful brains


Inspiring message by compelling trainers


Revolutionary Breakthrough Tools


Enduring data to sustain the change


As we empower the best people and the best teams in the business and leadership sectors, we also add value to the community through sustainable, long-term partnerships and collaborations by pursuing responsible social and empowerment strategies.

Team Awesome embarking on research for Inclusion to promote a culture of belonging in teams and organizations

MIT Management Sloan School

Pitching our Shock and Awe magic to the global community on how fast we drive transformation at work.

Third Place Awardee
Compelling Business Solutions for Start-Up Ventures
Wharton School of Business
University of Pennsylvania

We have joined hands with BotchedPH, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the mindsets and skills of young children in the grassroots sector to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning in the Philippines.


Our work has spanned a decade of tirelessly firing up of people and teams, which began from one to almost 1,000,000 individuals.

NLP AP is a leading practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in applied business and leadership.

NLP is a powerful tool in leadership, sales, motivation, conflict management and communications so that in learning them, you achieve breakthrough results.

When people have strong mindsets and communication tools, they work harder, they show up in their best versions and they commit a level of energy and passion into play that’s essential to creating anything awesome.

Sally Hogshead and WSI have worked together to expand the Fascinate System of Communication through a scientific way of profiling individuals so they can harness their natural differences and be best at work.

F.I.R.E.’s golden standard of training has enabled us to conduct our Ultimate Breakthrough Tools like firewalking, glasswalking and board breaking with the best results and the highest safety standards.