TENLP: The Ten Peak States You See in Everyday People

TENLP : The Ten Peak States You See in Everyday People

There are 3 drivers to long lasting breakthrough and these are Story (mindset), State (emotions/energy) and Strategy (behavior). Success 101 taught us that mindset and strategies are important, but we have often overlooked the value of state or emotion, which in reality is the biggest success trigger of the 3.

What are states? States are our emotions.

  • They are our energy particles that drive our results. States have been dismissed as all hustle, pop psychology or feel good positivity that shoot up right after a motivational talk and wanes down abruptly at the onset of new challenges.

    While emotions rise up and fall, you can manage them and make them part of your automatic response system. Mental state regulation is a skill and must be part of the C-suite competency rubrics. In fact, for teams to increase its ability to move forward consistently, it must make sure that it is operating at a consistent peak flow state.

Here’s the awesome news in people development. You can learn state management. Thanks to the Dr. Barbara Fredrickson who studied positive emotions. There are ten peak emotional states. Our best results, whether it’s at work or in school, usually comes when we are able to access these ten states. Pair these with a solid plan of action, and you can be sure you’ll be able to achieve above and beyond your goals.

Today, we line up for you characters you can play to mirror these peak emotional states.

  • HOPE:
    Your business oriented friend who always have something to sell, through thick or thin times

    When times are hard and money is scarce, trust those with an enterprising mindset to exemplify strength in character. They are never damaged by difficult times and are stronger with the hope for better times to come; always cooking up a new business venture— From selling laundry soaps to concert tickets to random house trinkets, he has seen it and wants you to buy it. He’s constantly improving his connections, always persevering and creating opportunities. He believes in a brighter future, and does everything he can to achieve that despite adversity.

    Your Curious Neighbor

    Whenever something happens to you whether good or bad, it’s kind of mind-boggling to you how your neighbor finds out, right? There are always people within our circles who are so curious and interested in our affairs. And that can be a good thing — to always try and look for stories and to dive deeper into things. When we are interested, we are always investing more time and effort into completing our goals. Be interested in people and ideas!





    Your Wacky Tito and Tita

    It’s Christmas time again, and you are celebrating left and right with some family members you’ve been missing on seeing the entire year. It could be a dreadful, boring time on some days and suddenly, your wacky Tito or Tita comes through the door! They manage to always make the mood lighter with their antics and their wise cracks (which are sometimes too true that they amuse and then pierce hard). “Tumataba ka,” is an expression we often hate to hear, but when they say it, it makes you smile and it reminds you that you missed them the entire year. Combine that with their feeble and really corny jokes, and it really makes your parties come alive. Amusement is the easiest Filipino way to change state. A smile forges stronger relationships and creates unbelievable results.

    Your Parish Priest or Guidance Counselor

    Imagine your local parish priest or your guidance counselor? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Clean clothes, well groomed hair, big smile. When we think of people we can run to for objective advice, these are two of the groups you can go to. The reason why they can be so rewarding to talk to is because they always carry themselves with Serenity, and that they can take any challenges in life in stride. This is what we can imitate within ourselves; the ability to keep steady when we are being thrown left and right by the tides of life.


  • PRIDE:
    Your Friendly and Cheerful Store Sales Lady

    When we believe in ourselves, know we are somebody important and embrace our work, no matter how repetitive it is, it is pride that is revving this body posture, smile and confidence up! I see this when I visit a department store and a sales lady throws me a genuine warm greeting. She wears her uniform proudly, stands at attention and is always ready to serve. Pride is dignity at work. We access this state by beginning each day on purpose.

  • AWE:
    The Bossing

    The hardest worker is the one at the highest position. One of my previous bosses, a CEO, was always the first to arrive in, and the last to leave our office. His work ethic, unmatched. He even has the time to spread around for his family, his hobbies, and his civic work. People like these are people we admire so greatly. We stand in wonder at how they are able to do things which seem impossible. They put us at awe.

    Your Workshop Speaker

    Inspiration is a mysterious yet super powerful force that gives us the strength to just do it! It is one notch higher than motivation because there is compelling movement that follows the high. Imagine yourself being totally in the zone during an inspiring talk and you are just fired up to think bigger, talk wiser and do better right after.

  • JOY:
    Every kid you see letting it all out on a playground

    There are very few things more heartwarming than to see than a bunch of kids having fun at a playground. This is pure joy. Whenever we see their eyes light up at something so simple (at least for simple adults like us), we feel very happy and blessed. When we look a life and work the way kids look at play, you get a feel that the universe is your big playground and that you are just drowned in an ocean of pure joy — one we can easily invite other people to. Nowadays, in a world full of hate, joy makes a big difference.


    Your Best Friend

    Whenever we do something great, we often want to share it with someone. Likewise, whenever we do something bad, we often want to reach for a comforting hand. Fortunately, we have best friends that are there for both kinds of occasions. Despite how difficult some moments are, we always know that there is a best friend waiting in the wings to support us (or more often than not, straighten us out). Whenever we feel like we are victims of a cruel world, let us remember our best friends, a very strong reason to always be in a state of Gratitude.

  • LOVE:
    Your family

    We never choose our family members. That’s a fact of life. All of us are born into families, and for some reason, we all end up showing each other intense love. We might not spend a lot of time together, but still love permeates all the boundaries. Love is the highest of the peak states. When we feel like we are loved, there is nothing that can stop us. Even through failure, we can always count on family to help carry us through. So anytime we fear anything, I hope we can remember that we are loved.

There you are, 10 ways to be truly at your peak! When you are at peak, awesome things happen to you.

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