You welcome the start of the second quarter with your targets either bullseyed or your sales numbers missed again. It’s either a delightful feeling of victory or a horrible pain searing your head, your heart or your gut. “It can’t be happening again,” you tell yourself. For those stuck in the unresourceful abyss of setbacks and missed hits, I’ll let you in on a secret—targets are reached as you set them and not at the end of the year. What does this mean? Your mindset at the time you set your goals is instrumental to you reaching them. Let’s zoom into the psychology of this.

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Human energy is limitless and when the mind is strong, the results are powerful.
An external event happens. This could be your boss giving you your sales target, or you finding out that your target has increased by quantum leaps. This information goes into your brain where it is filtered by your “Story”. These are beliefs about yourself, your quality of work, your prospects and your success probability. Therefore if you have a weak story such as, “I’m not good at selling,” or “This target is impossible!” or “I’m only good up to a certain sales amount”, then you’ll have a disabling emotional state. Your motivation will be low and your drive weak. Your emotions then appear as outward behavior such as procrastination or laziness. Your beliefs are sabotaging your moves.

On the other hand, let’s peer into the psychology of a strong belief. A powerful mindset garners powerful results. It enables peak performance state which is evidenced by a strong physiology.

Your clients, peers and leaders will perceive you to be confident and energetic, resulting to a positive response. They buy your message and you nail the sale!

Just recently, we did a Team Awakening seminar for the managers and sales team of a savings and loans association. We were given the humongous task of firing them up because their ambitious targets had exhausted them. Never mind that their targets had not been nailed the previous year, it’s still going to be way higher this year. Their managers were demoralized and the team was tired. By understanding the Neuro Linguistic Programming Deep Change Model and how it can supercharge their Story, State and Strategy, they felt more empowered to drive results. Human energy is limitless and when the mind is strong, the results are powerful.

How could a disempowering belief shift to a positive and more resourceful map in a snap? There are two NLP tools that we use in order to enable this.

1. Mapping Across From Limiting Belief to New Empowering Belief

After identifying a belief that is holding you back, the participants are led to a visualization exercise which introduces neuro-associative conditioners. The exercise maps across by first acknowledging the limiting belief and how much it will cost you if you continue to be held back by it. It then moves on into tapping into the personal power and strength you already have within you and finally, it ends with a breaking a board. Participants karate chopped a 1-inch thick board with their bare hand to symbolize breaking through their thick wall of limiting belief.

2. Anchoring

This tool creates a memory chip of your most powerful emotion and in our seminars, we have the participants tap into their confidence. Through conditioning, you install this memory chip into your body as in your knuckle, or your chest, or even your elbow so you can easily access this confidence that is anchored to that body part. In our Team Awakening the most powerful kinesthetic anchor and reminder of one’s power is the firewalk—walking barefoot on a bed of 1200o coals. It’s a journey of total mindset and emotion transformation.

To demonstrate the power of belief change, consider breaking a hunting arrow with your neck. Sounds impossible? Not for the courageous batch of 2,200 insurance agents who summoned enough gut, heart and head power to drive energy around a goal that seems too big to be achieved. After months of deep decline, the company suddenly surged to a +15% increase.

You see, to empower your mindset or belief, you will need to experience breakthrough—one empowering moment in your life when something impossible suddenly became possible. Whether it comes in the form of a firewalk, a board break or an arrow snap, this breakthrough must be something so powerful to the point where you your beliefs turn unstoppable, your spirit turns unshakable and your moves become totally inspiring.

Both insurance and savings association groups registered powerful positive results by experiencing just a shift in mindset alone. Your beliefs are so powerful that they determine where you will end from the very beginning you gave genesis to a story. NLP makes shifts happen fast so that you don’t have to wait the same number of years it took you to stack beliefs after beliefs from the influence of school, home and work. We’ve witnessed countless emotional and monumental breakthroughs throughout our many years of engaging minds through NLP.

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