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It’s that time of the month again! And what is more amazing than honoring all women this merry month of March by celebrating International Women’s month. Every year, is celebration on the strength, courage, and awesomeness that is innate in every woman. Whatever industry we are working from, odds are, there is always an admirable woman, influencing the course that the team heads towards.

In government alone, there are at least 19.97% females elected out of the 3,503 positions for office (Statistics from 2015). This has steadily grown from less than 18% in prior years. The number continues to grow today. More than 14.2 million women are employed in the Philippines in various industries. Again, this number has grown exponentially, despite the country still facing some issues on discrimination against women.
You see, women have cemented, and continue to cement their place in the society as a crucial force to be reckoned with. We all need to keep developing the women in our workplace, whether by training, or by exposing them to more responsibilities. If you are thinking of hiring women in your workplace, here are a few reasons why you should definitely do so:

  • There is a great need for diversity.

    Women provide the necessary diversity needed to boost productivity. Studies show that diversity impacts talent management practices. Women provide a different set of thinking skills and can easily bond with other co-workers, suppliers and especially customers. They bring their ‘nurturing’ power inside the office which makes everyone’s work easier. They are the first ones to give help and treat all genders with respect, compassion and trust among their co-workers which results to positive relationships.

  • There is a need for gender balance.

    If you’re familiar with the movie Pleasantville, you’ll notice that the people are in black and white. We can apply the same thing here: without women, everything seems plain. But an office mixed with women, workplace becomes lighter in sort of a whimsical fashion. The better gender balance, the more balanced the work environment is as well. Gender balance basically mean having the same right and equal participation in whatever projects and presentation. However, amidst the thousands of rallies done by women over the years, over gender equality and balance, women are still seen as the weaker sex. This is sometimes seen in the way men are chosen to participate more than women. This does not happen only in physical strength, but all in mind skill s as well. But through the power of social media, things are changing faster than ever. Women are just not the same as they used to be – they are fearless, strong and are not afraid to take risks.

  • Serve Women clients and consumers from a female perspective

    Women understand women. So if your company is targeting women clients and consumers, it will be of utmost importance to have a strong female perspective. Like with one of our cosmetics clients ‘Happy Skin’, though they have male employees, they make d to a point that they get to hire more women. To a company that caters to women, are served by women and whose products are tested by women, who better else to do it right? Not only in the cosmetics area, but skin wellness as well. Happy skin started in 2013 – for most companies, they are babies. But in a span of 5 years, they have grown from 5 counters to 80 beauty counters and 14 stores.

  • Women show resourcefulness, creativity, and compassionate leadership.

    Women are used to solving problems with little resources, finding innovative ways to approach solutions, and they establish relationships by being able to relate and being kind toward others.

Here at World stage International, we are committed to developing and empowering females in the workplace. We strike the balance between understanding female concerns, and orienting the male employees with a broader perspective of equality, and fairness for their female co-workers. Being led by one of the FWN awardees, our very own Coach Cherry Africa, who has taught us the power of positivity, we are taught to be grateful every day and re-kindle that inner fire within us. This culture of being a family to everyone, being respectful of each other’s decisions and having our opinions heard and acknowledge makes us one notch higher in reaching our ultimate goal.

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