NEVER SAY DIE – Teams Overcoming Adversity

NEVER SAY DIE: Teams Overcoming Adversity

Have you ever heard a little voice in your head that tells you to just give up on your team due to overwhelming obstacles that seems so impossible to do? Have you ever felt that breaking the record growth of your company for this year has burnt out your inner fire? In these trying times, it would be so easy to drop everything to preserve yourself from your tiredness or the insurmountable stress that’s burdening your shoulders. However, that mindset is not what’s going to lead the team to record-breaking results and successes. If you want a game-changing mindset that would propel your team to breakthrough success, you need a “never say die” mindset; never being fazed with any obstacle life throws at you.

In one of our most recent trainings with Rentokil Initial Philippines, we subjected them to one of the most intense adversities; deprivation of basic human needs. Each team would only be given one resource (i.e. Water, Food, Beds and Chairs) and be deprived of everything else. Furthermore, we had a lot of challenges that would test their agility, strength, accuracy, and their mental capabilities while they were deprived of their needs for 2 days straight. They were put to their breaking points. Everyone felt a mixture of felt hunger, thirst, and extreme fatigue. Everyone had a feeling of pressure to contribute to their team so that they can be the fire champions of the training.

Never did they want to give up for their team because they don’t want anyone to be let down.

However, every time we shouted “Fired Up”, they would always respond with “Ready To Go!” without a trace of the needs that they are deprived of. Never once did they say that they’re going to give up on any challenge or obstacle. Never did they want to give up for their team because they don’t want anyone to be let down. The entire company had a “never say die” attitude that they can withstand any challenge and obstacle thrown to them.

Throughout the course of the 2-day training, the team proved each and every time that they had what it more than what it takes to break records and overcome even basic needs in order to win. They climbed mountains of mud, formed human bridges to cross waters, survived through a hail of (paintball) bullets, crossed the sky through ropes, and walked through 1200 degrees Fahrenheit of coal. They went through each and every challenge with smiles on their faces and whenever a person felt the weight of tiredness, their team would rally up and raise the moral of each person. When a team needed a resource from another team, there was collaboration so that both parties would be able to be satisfied with what they had.

Never say die. Keep going through adversity with peak energy and roaring fire and your resilience will get you to the wildest successes your team deserves.

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