Serenity + Rage = Breakthrough

One of the lessons we teach in our workshops is how your state plays a big role to achieve breakthrough in the workplace and in life. Serenity is one of the ten peak states that we have to tap within us to conquer our limiting beliefs. To rise above the confines of mediocrity, we need to be in a state of serenity. But how is being calm going to aid us in our breakthrough?

When we think of serenity, we immediately associate it with the word ‘peace’. I asked my team what makes them calm and one of them answered the beach. She even described her ideal moment of serenity  as “alone with the gloomy sky, the cold harsh wind enveloping my body, and the violent sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.”

In the movie, X-Men: First Class, Erik cannot unleash the full extent of his power except when he is swept away by emotion — specifically, anger and sorrow. Charles instructs him on how to control his emotions in order to control his power. Charles says “True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity.” Erik found that point of balance. Erik was able to move the satellite dish with ease and power.

Rage without serenity is purely riotous. But marry it perfectly with serenity, it produces true focus – a strategy for an empowering breakthrough.

As certified firewalkers, we use firewalking as an instrument for breakthrough along with other fear-conquering tools. Before the firewalk, the participants are primed. We remind them to use their story – the story that they have now, to shift to an altered state and teach them strategy so they can walk across a bed of fire beautifully. 

In one of our workshops, we had one participant who shared her firewalk experience. She passionately describes: “During the priming, I was afraid. When it was my turn, there was this sense of calm that entered me because I pictured myself in my happy place. I told myself that if I just do it with no drama, it would end quickly I wouldn’t feel a thing. When I reached the end, it felt good. Inside I was fired up but I also felt tranquil I didn’t say a word. I firewalked twice that night.”

You’ll know when you are in the peak of serenity when you’re able to find focus and harness steadily-flowing power from the ferocious emotions inside you.

Whenever you’re consumed with a lot of emotions, just close your eyes. It’s good to practice this so you can be in the right state at work, and in life. Go to your happy place, wherever that may be. Are you at the beach, too? Do you see your loved ones? Take deep breaths. Acknowledge your emotions. Embrace them. Gather all the energy from these emotions raging inside you. Let that energy translate to power and start to fill you up – your mind, your heart, and your gut. Breathe in. Hold it for 5 seconds. Release. Repeat.

True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity. Find that point of balance whenever you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with work and in life. There’s no harm in taking a little bit of time to condition yourself to operate in peak state. Meditate, blaze up, breakthrough.

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