No Emotional Distancing Required

Are we truly socially distanced?

The term may be misleading. Physical distancing is not emotional distancing, meaning that while we are far away from each other, we can still foster meaningful connections and relationships online. Some keys to doing this include:

1) Check up regularly on friends, family, and co-workers: This was a lot easier to do when we bumped into each other every day, but now, the initiative falls on us to reach out and ask how someone is doing. One “how are you?” message can have an incredible effect on someone who is feeling isolated.

2) Remember that we are in a crisis, and need each other’s support: When meeting online, take the time to check in on your team by having them share their current struggles and emotions. We cannot simply return to “business as usual” without acknowledging the unique needs and stressors of our time.

3) Co-create with others: Co-creation is one of the most social activities we can engage in. Our ability to create impact should not be diminished by the fact that it has moved online: Connect with others who have similar hobbies and interests, and see what you can start together. Remember: some of the most innovative ideas have come from times of great crisis.

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