Turning Fear Into Our Ally

Fear is not always a negative emotion: Sometimes it gives us the cues we need to stay away from danger and make better decisions. Mastering your fear isn’t about getting rid of it, but putting it to good use.

Here are some questions and points for reflection, to help us turn fear into our ally:


Why do I fear this?

Am I afraid because of my own negative limiting beliefs, or because there is genuine risk involved? Does doing this have a payoff that makes those risks worth taking?


What is important to me?

Often, fear is triggered by the prospect of losing that which is most important to us. Moments of vulnerability can shine a light on what we value most in our lives, and give us a chance to consider whether these values are aligned properly.


What am I being called to overcome?

Fear comes from the gap between what we need to do, and what we think we are capable of. While it is easy to give up at the sight of this, we can also view it as a challenge to close that gap through learning and upskilling.


This article is based on our live interview with Ms. Agnes Mariakaki, Psychologist and Social Researcher from Mindsearch Greece.

Missed the livecast? Watch the interview on demand here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlPQhFsmmbI

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