Lessons on Crisis Leadership from Judith Delozier

We asked NLP pioneer Judith Delozier what she thinks is next for leaders in this time of uncertainty. She believes it’s transition leadership and teaming: “It’s not an individual hero’s journey anymore; it’s a collective hero’s journey.” Given this, how might we become the most effective leaders for our communities in this time of crisis? Here are a few tips:

1) Build resilience through flexibility.
Crisis comes from a Greek word that means crossroads. The situation we are in right now is challenging us to make a choice and redefine the way we interact, collaborate, and do business. We must keep our eyes on our goal while being willing to adapt the methods we use to reach it.

2) Be willing to ask for help.
While it may be tempting to put on a brave face to show your team, vulnerability can also be a source of strength. Build self-awareness to identify when you are in a crash state, and be open to members of your team about these feelings. This will let your team know you trust them, and that you can be open in the same way. Feeling hesitant? Ask yourself “What is the worst that could happen if I asked for help?”

3) Learn to enjoy uncertainty.
The state of not knowing is the beginning of learning. Those that will come out on top of this crisis are those who will not just survive but thrive during it. While we should not practice “false positivity”, we can still see this as a chance to gain new skills and seek emerging opportunities.

This article is based on our live interview with Ms. Judith Delozier, one of the pioneers of NLP. 

Missed the livecast? Watch the interview on demand here: facebook.com/373786356055160/videos/573123650265382/

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