Three Lessons From My Time at World Stage

After two busy, fulfilling, and knowledge-packed months, I am ending my journey at World Stage (for now!). My time with World Stage actually started over ten years ago, when I first joined one of their camps as a junior participant. At the time, World Stage was involved with training young people in building confidence and unleashing their talents. I learned a lot from them then, and I am pleased to say that even at 21 years old, that has not changed.

Graduating from college in the middle of a pandemic, I found myself lost, having to re-evaluate all the plans I had post-graduation. Thankfully, World Stage reached out to me with an offer to join them part-time, and the rest is history. Looking back, I am so grateful they were a part of my life in this time full of great uncertainty. As a parting gift, I would like to share three lessons I picked up along the way:

Lesson #1: Those who stay in the game are those that are willing to change their game.

I had the unique opportunity to join World Stage in a time of great adaptation. We were preparing to launch our first online training, and there was plenty of research, planning, and pushing the boundaries of our collective comfort zones involved. For a company that had built its success on mass gatherings with hundreds of people, this was an immense challenge. I still remember joining a meeting before that first training, with over 100 people in a zoom call, and wondering if it would work. Several weeks and successful trainings later, I think the answer is clearer. As optimistic as we all were, we also had our own doubts in changing our way of doing business. The important part here is that we did not let our doubts stop us from taking action, but rather, we let them push us to answer these questions by actually doing it. All the contingency planning in the world could not have taught us the lessons we learned dealing with technical difficulties and program shifts in that first training, and though it was hectic, we are better for it.

As a youth participant in World Stage camps, I got the chance to join Coach Cherry and other participants in a segment for PTV’s Good Morning Boss!

Lesson #2: Learn to enjoy the outcomes of what you do.

To be candid, there were many times in my experience where I had to do work which was repetitive or technical. Similarly, I have seen my teammates take on tasks that are difficult and tedious, but still do them with great enthusiasm. While we cannot force ourselves to suddenly enjoy staring at Excel spreadsheets or editing hours of video footage, we can condition ourselves to find meaning in the outcome. For me, it was the realization that the background research I was doing could actually help attendees in our trainings find direction, come to terms with their own emotions surrounding this pandemic, and realign their personal goals. I have come to realize that a strong sense of purpose is what gets us through when the work itself is demanding.

Lesson #3: When you see an opportunity to make change and live out your mission, take it.

Funnily enough, this learning from World Stage is also my reason for leaving. For the past four years, I have advocated for improving access to health services in our country. After getting an opportunity to do work in service of this, I knew I could not turn it down. World Stage taught me (as we tell many in our online trainings) that we should not settle for postponing our dreams for the future until we are old enough, rich enough, smart enough, or because of any other limiting beliefs. It is crucial to start now, make mistakes while we can still afford it, and learn from them.

Thank you for being part of my journey, World Stage. I am eager to cross paths again in the future and see how far we’ve both come.

Rafa Chua
World Stage Energineer
July 18, 2020

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