Our Magic


Our Shock & Awe™ and Fire Impact Learning Technology™ create a learning environment where people feel safe to share, are inspired to learn, face fears as a team, and forge deeper relationships together. These methods leave people wanting to be better.

Our unique and compelling approach is fueled by 4 areas of executional genius:


Fusion of 3 powerful brains

From the trainers to the room to the music, we design all aspects so the whole body is engaged in high-performing energy— head, heart, and gut.


Inspiring message by compelling trainers

Our trainers are the only thought experts in NLP who utilize practical application of psychology, linguistics, and behavior management so both messengers and message are compelling and effective.


Revolutionary Breakthrough Tools

We’re the only company that utilizes extreme breakthrough tools. Our firewalk, glasswalk, arrow snap, board break, and rebar bending enable the transformation to happen in a heartbeat.


Enduring data to sustain the change

We collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to continue to add value and deepen our professional relationship with our clients, ultimately becoming long-term partners.

We call the combination of these 4 elements OUR MAGIC

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful approach we use and apply to personal or team goals. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes. Practitioners of NLP believe in bringing people to a solution mindset and positive state through the combination of a powerful belief system, compelling language and behavior and increasing competencies in order to drive the highest results.

At World Stage, we believe we are all capable of becoming Natural Light Providers through NLP practice daily. We are also all uniquely Naturally Limitless People (NLP) and it is our mission to awaken this part of our being so we are best for our teams.


Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Emotions & Behaviors

Board Break

Karate chop 1 ½ inch thick board with the sheer power of the mind.

Empower the Journey Forward


Walk on an elevated tightrope to experience ultimate teamwork at its best, while performing the 4 key roles in the actual workplace.

Execute with Focus, Discipline & Intention


A compelling metaphor behind the power of energy, focus, and attention.

Build Full Trust

Rebar Bend

Bend a 6-meter solid rebar on the sternal notch of the throat and experience the speed of trust.

Bullseye Your Target

Arrow Snap

Snap the shaft of an arrow and break out from your stick position.

Overcome Fear as a Team


Walk on a 1200° fahrenheit bed of coal and still feel ice cold!