Team Communication

Conflicts can rip a team apart, amplify resentment against management and even highlight the weaknesses of its team members. Office conflicts will simmer down, or even resolve entirely, once people understand each other’s differing Advantages. Knowing someone’s Advantages can help a team see past the exterior and understand what’s really going on. How to Fascinate® is the first science-based communication brand system for those who want to stand out, be remembered and add more value. This doesn’t measure how you see the world… but how the world sees you. When each individual person is communicating at his greatest advantage, the team is performing at its highest.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Discover your highest value and learn how the world sees you – at your best. Unleash the power of your Magical 2 — Your Fascinating Archetype & How You Add Value.
  • Explore your Fascination Advantage® result and your roadmap on how to become your biggest version at work and in life.
  • Learn to leverage your Advantages by standing out through your differences to contribute your unique value.
  • Describe your value in 2-3 words confidently by creating an Anthem; also known as your personality tagline.
  • Know and understand the collective Advantage of your team so you can predict how you are most likely to add value to your clients.
  • Understand your team’s core strengths and opportunities and foster the most effective team.
  • Learn to apply your Advantages into action with real work situations.
  • Establish and build powerful business relationships by understanding your partner customer/ peer’s most fascinating triggers and how to press these buttons to achieve your highest communication.
  • Lead and manage teams more effectively, increasing your motivation so you can ignite your Inner Fire and ditch the carrot & stick!
  • Understand your TEAM’s SWOT Archetype so that you are serving your market around your strengths.

  • Day 1

    Fascinate Handshake
    Snowball of Expectations
    NLP and Fascinate 101
    Passion Advantage
    Hakka Mystique Advantage
    Alert Advantage
    Prestige Advantage
    Power Advantage
    Innovation Advantage
    Trust Advantage
    Understanding My Archetype

  • Day 2

    Brain Dump
    Dormant Advantage
    3 Threats to Communication
    Team Communication Chart
    How to Motivate Your Team
    Hexagon of Contribution
    Team Heat Map
    SSCC Planning
    Gravity and Thrust Fascinate Base Raid
    Close Out

From a Participant’s Perspective

“What Color Is Your Fire has given me an opportunity to get to know more about myself including “the blindspot.” It has also given me an opportunity to appreciate the individuality of each member of the organisation. My confidence is renewed in facing and overcoming the uncomfortable and the uncommon.”