A Breakthrough NLP Youth Coaching Camp

IFY is a life changing and transformational breakthrough camp for youth ages 7-18 years old focusing on developing a winner’s mindset, communication, confidence patterns and a set of resourceful and powerful habits. It is a 4-step coaching system to nurture and grow youth leaders who are achieving excellence in school and in life.

The coaching system uses techniques in Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP), a rapid transformation tool that drives excellence through shifts on mindset, language and habits. Our Master Transformation Rockstar, Cherry Pua-Africa and her team has trained with professionals and youth in Asia in the last 10 years in enabling the youth to achieve their highest versions.

Message from Cherry Pua-Africa

Dear Young Friend,

When I want to do something big, I look to my mentors to help me ignite the fire. That’s when I found Tony Robbins, the world’s number one leader in success psychology. I learned how to throw commands to my brain and let it follow my wishes. I learned to quiet down my yada yada voice (oh, this is the voice of uncertainty) so that my ping ping (you guessed it right, my intuitive bedazzling voice of confidence) can shine upon others and inspire them. And I learned to walk on fire! If I can walk on fire, I can do anything! But just like you, sometimes it’s easy to get swept away — swept away by my lack of focus. I searched for a permanent tool – something that creates lasting inspiration. With this power called NLP, I am taking action everyday even when the task gets boring or frustrating. I am now ready to fan your flame so that you too can achieve outstanding results. Last year, to give a final “umph” to this program, I helped coach youth leaders in America in the Anthony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within”. Yes, I was with the guru himself, and that was really cool! I now carry this inspiration with me and pass this on to you so that you can start making ripples of meaningful change in yourself and your community.

Fasten your seatbelt. You’re off to a spirited transformation!

This is going to be a real fun summer program (and beyond) for you. Join us & together, let’s set the world on fire! I’’m soooo excited for you!

-Cherry Pua-Africa
Master Transformation Rockstar

PS This is the coolest one you’ll ever experience with your new set of friends. The activities will surely awaken your subconscious genie and make you walk bigger in life!

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Low Passion ⇒ High Passion
Lethargy ⇒ Vitality
Small Goal ⇒ Big Goal
Self-Focused ⇒ Others-Focused
Entitled Mindset ⇒ Grind Mindset
Limiting Beliefs ⇒ Empowering Beliefs
Fear ⇒ Courage
Vague ⇒ Clarity
Unresourceful ⇒ Resourceful
Low Fire ⇒ High Fire


| Step 1 |

Turn your beliefs into power

Empower yourself to break limiting beliefs, perform at peak levels and create unstoppable momentum in the achievement of goals in school and in life. Plus, you get to start new friendships from like-minded students from different schools!


| Step 4 |

Come back to the community and re-ignite!

Teaching is two times learning. On your journey to success, you meet road bumps that distract, bore or frustrate you. You are invited to join us in our next Leadership Boot Camp as a participant or as a crew and help upcoming rockstars discover their inner fire by letting yours shine on them.


| Step 2 |

Be with people who fan your flame

As you go through the routines of a regular school schedule, break the pattern with our fired up coaching sessions, where your friends and you meet together to refresh, restart and reprogram the habits of winners within your daily structure. This way, you continue to chase your inner fire and live your values in the context of your everyday goals.


| Step 3 |

Make your life viral and your contributions burn

In order to jumpstart your role as members of a like-minded community who lead with compassion and integrity, you will conceptualize, market and pitch to foundations & business people a program of your choice that will benefit other members of your community. Go through a very detailed process of goal setting, leadership and habits formation by way of visualizing, planning, story boarding and scheduling your first PITCH IT!

From a Participant’s Perspective

“My daughter spent the entire week in camp and though it has been months after she is still gushing with stories of how those days were the most fun days of her entire 11 years. The camp is an empowerment coaching program to fire up mindset, language and she gained confidence. Straight after camp, my daughter, who couldn’t even ask for her own gravy, offered to order the whole meal for us. My daughter, who is sometimes sullen became more cheery. I can’t even explain to my friends how awesome the change is without getting teary-eyed! The camp enabled her to realize her worth as a person.”