MBA for Teens and Tweens

World Stage combines business and fun to create an awesome Mini Business Academy or MBA for teenagers (13-19) and for tweens (8-12). Is your daughter or son entrepreneurial? Do they have really great ideas they want to turn into reality? This MBA is a perfect avenue to explore just that! It’s a 60-hour program where we took business insights for adults and turned it to bite-sized nuggets for teens and tweens looking to step up! The students will get to:

  • Pitch and communicate at a higher level
  • Amp up their confidence
  • Be financial savvy and know the ins and outs of money
  • Design and market to their audience
  • Put up their business at the end of four weeks

The four weeks at a glance:

MINI - MASTERS IN SALES MAY 2-6 | JUNE 5-9 (9am-12nn)

MBA for Sales chunks down famous sales concepts
to allow kids to carry themselves with confidence
and appreciate engagement, persistence, and collaboration.
They will get to enjoy pitching, idea generation,
along with handling various types of people.



– Eenie Meenie Miney Mo (Prospecting)

– X Factor (Hunting & Pouncing)

– Red Light Extreme (Thrill, Closing, Squinting)

– Great Communicator (Voice and Body as Instrument)

– Role-playing for One-on-one Sales

– Creative Pitching

– Jump In and Jump Out (Peak States of Selling)

– Barter Trade (NLP for Sales)

Culmination: Selling Practice (Neighbor Offices)


MBA for Finance chunks down money mastery
so kids/teens can start taking care of their money
at a young age. Concepts like saving, basics of investing
and monopoly in real life will surely help them
be equipped with wealth mastery and appreciation.



– Banker & Assistant Banker (Getting to Know)

– “Escape the Rat Race” (Wealth Mindset)

– Worksheets (Budgeting, Reports and Quadrants)

– Resume Creation (How to Start)

– Wealth Management Immersion

– Virtual Stock Market

– Rules of Cashflow/Monopoly

Culmination: Monopoly in Real Life

MINI - MASTERS IN MARKETING MAY 8-12 | JUNE 26-30 (9am-12nn)

MBA for Marketing integrates marketing concepts
into fun options for kids. They’ll learn basics of print media
and social media marketing and even get to appreciate
the fun process of making commercials.



– The Ringleader (Creative Introduction)

– “What Markets to You” (Overview of Marketing)

– Princess and the Pea Pillow Sitdown (Target Segments)

– Product Clay Making

– Poster/Tagline Making (Promotion & Branding)

– Vine Making (Place Concept)

– Storyboarding

Culmination: Commercial Making


MBA for Entrepreneurship serves as both a culmination
and stand alone workshop of developing a kid’s enterprise
mindset. Kids will get to enjoy being resourceful, experiencing
product generation along with managing
all the aspects of presenting their brand.



– Name Proclaiming

– Brainstorming (Enterprise Mindset)

– Feasibility and Materials (Marketing)

– Presentation & Feedback (Pitching)

– EXPO Preparation

Culmination: World Stage Business EXPO”

All sessions will be held at World Stage Center located at 3rd Floor Mirax Building 2270 Chino Roces Ext., Makati City. For more information, call +632.275.2090 or +63.917.743.4808.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s about empowering our teens and tweens by knowing more about putting up a business. The skills they will learn such as communication, pitching, financial management and leading a team are essential as they grow up. Whether the business idea they have will flourish only during this summer or will succeed as they pursue this in the years to come, the life skills they will carry will bring them success in school and in life.