We are your pyromaniac change catalysts and we will fire up the highest energy to ensure that your seminars are fun, interactive and experiential, with change happening at transformative levels. We set a force of energy that pushes you in unbelievable ways so that your goals are met at the highest standards.

We will help you breakthrough in colors you have not seen before

Our powerhouse generator of human energy is composed of a team of Rockstars in the fields of NLP, business, psychology, leadership, sales, theater arts and communication. We open up massive possibilities that blaze into bonfire power so you and your team can become your highest versions.

We will go head to heart to guts to make sure that we breakdown the elephants in the room into workable solutions so that each and every member of your team is feeling significant, empowered and strong. Creativity, Passion, Courage and lots of Fired UP 1 mm moments have enabled our clients to rockstar their work so that they can begin the adventure of performing their legacy work in all areas of their lives.

Meet our #who will enable you and your team to breakthrough to your next level!




Master Transformation Rockstar

“Your moves will define you”

Cherry is World’s Stage’s master consciousness trainer who engineers her decades of experiences in NLP, leadership, empowerment, business, training and theatre arts with her blustery, bold and passionate approach in order to help individuals and teams dynamite!




Chief Energy Officer

“Your character will always be more powerful than your context”

Paolo is a powerhouse generator of positive and youthful energy and is our director of “angas” moves, on and off cam. He is an Operator of “High Cause” (it’s our NLP term for being responsible for one’s actions), always enabling and embracing opportunities and helping others activate their control over their brains of responsibility and response.




Chief Money Maestro

“Don’t be afraid to fail. The present is your training ground for tomorrow’s success. Failure is your best coach.”

Alyssa is our CFO who aside from managing our financial health, also keeps score of how we are playing at work. She frowns upon nonsense game tackles and fishes for the kill shot all the time. With Alyssa, you’d always hear her quietly saying, “Bring me Giants!”




Chief Pathfinder of Work Fire

“Every breakthrough fuels the transcendence of our universe.”

When there is no clear path, Alex paves the way by walking with his awesome, fired-up feet. He is World Stage’s most persistent salesman-on-fire, researcher and goals getter. Our partners love him for his sense of humour and resilient spirit.




Chief Producer of Awesome Ideas

“It is essential to find strength in pain because that’s where change begins.”

Coryn has an incredible spirit of adventure in graphics and design. She operates best at the back-end, sharing her soul to the world through her web designs and video productions. She throws all the paint she can in her body of work and when she has ideas, she acts on them with passion.




Chief of Stuff

“One life, Share it.”

World Stage is calm in the middle of a hurricane workshop because Ysa makes tidy room and tidy minds possible. She handles our administrative needs and makes our partners (and us) look awesome all the time, in every way.



Inna Abrogena

Chief Breakthrough Engineer

“Make the move. move your mind!”

Inna is our resident psychologist who always makes sure that each person breakthroughs in the room. She leaves no rocks unturned and is always ace-alert to attend to everybody’s needs, in whatever shape and form that is required.


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Hunters of Pure Awesomeness and Masters of Rockstar Change

Become part of our tribe #TeamAwesome

We are #TeamAwesome and we are constantly hunting for pure awesomeness in people. If you are blazing with fire or even when you are just a small fire that wants to blast into a bonfire, you must send us your resume

And share your energy with us!