Our FIRE University redefines and reinvents professional learning by crafting sessions that are not just informative but smart, artistic, skillful, and, above all, fun. We have been consistently given 5-star ratings because we engage our participants in a dynamic and enjoyable environment, where learning is voluntary and natural.

BEST PEOPLE perform at their peak when they are learning.

What sets our training apart, earning it a 5-star rating and making it truly unique?


Our Fire University boasts of time and people-tested modules that fire up both mindset and behavior so the people are performing in their best versions at work. We can help you design a customized module that directly addresses your training needs.

Fire University Programs

Different is better than better. With a diverse generational workforce and huge differences in skills, experiences, and mindsets, teams need to find a way to harness these polarities and perform at optimum levels. Better is no longer better. It is different that is better. In fact, different is power!

Ever struggled to get your message nailed? Ever had ideas you believed should be shared with the world, but just didn’t know how? Perhaps you feel nervous about giving presentations, and dread preparing slides? All communication is influenced, but only the most compelling Messengers and Messages stand out from the noisy rubble.

The essence of a strong team lies in its leader, just as the strength of a leader lies in their team. In our leadership module, we delve into the crucial role of igniting the team's vision and rallying their energy for a successful journey. Beyond merely achieving targets, fired-up leaders focus on team-building, transforming confusion into clarity, and devising effective succession plans. Participants will learn invaluable skills such as communication and influence, essential for guiding and motivating their team members.

Understand how NLP techniques build great coaches. Participants will learn powerful strategies to enhance communication, influence behavior, and facilitate problem-solving. Through practical exercises, this module equips individuals with the skills to effectively coach others through the SCORE and SOLID techniques. Participants will discover how coaching can play a vital role in succession planning and cultivating new leaders, too.

Explore how the integration of NLP, data analytics, and storytelling can empower individuals to master the art of presenting data effectively. Experience how seemingly boring data can be properly told to get messages across in an exciting way that will allow organizations to move forward with data-driven decision-making. Additionally, learn how to navigate through a sea of data to select the most compelling story point of view or data narrative, effectively transforming problems into solutions.

The art of negotiating begins by designing win-win situations. If you can master the art of negotiation, you can get whatever you want from others in life and at work. Discover the four principles for effective negotiation using the Ury and Fisher principles and NLP's magical communication techniques.

Build your best customer service by developing the core skills in the mechanics of customer service and communication (verbal, body language, tone, facial expressions, posture) and the psychology and mindset of enabling extreme customer obsession (mindset, belief, feelings, and intuitive intelligence). Your customer service team will produce more moments of magic after this session.